Singer-songwriter Rebecca Raw brings together her own individual blend of musical influences to create a compelling and panoramic sonic world. 


Her debut EP Deep Within is a bold pop-soul offering that combines intimate storytelling with rich, contemporary sounds. At the heart of the record are her smooth, blissful vocals delivering profound and personal lyrics such as “I’m craving your attention long enough to make an honest connection” and “All my strength comes to nothing… give me dust, give me ashes”, leaving the listener utterly mesmerised.

Raw describes a “lifelong fascination with great lyrics and captivating melodies” which drives her artistic growth and informs her musical style. Some of her biggest influences include the likes of Eva Cassidy, Brooke Fraser, and Sara Bareilles, in addition to which, her background in classical music (she’s a cellist, don’t you know) is uniquely infused throughout her music. 


She plans to enchant listeners with new music in the very near future.



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As soon as the time comes for playing live again, Rebecca has plans for a series of gigs that you'll definitely want to get involved with, so do stay in touch, either through the mailing list below or via the social media links above. 


Rebecca Raw also works as a cellist and string arranger for music artists, with a finesse for creations involving multiple cello layers. Her style is versatile across a host of musical genres and she most enjoys it when collaboration is at the heart of the crafting process, so do get in touch.

Artists that she has had the privilege of working with in this capacity include: Jake Isaac, Orphan No More, Joshua Luke Smith, and Sophia (ONM).

Artists that she would love to work with one day include: Anna Pancaldi, Oh Wonder, and Naomi Scott.





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