I've been providing musical entertainment at weddings, parties and corporate events for over ten years. I believe that live music can make an event really special and I enjoy contributing in a bespoke and personal way to those memorable moments of celebration that mark our lives. 


I perform pop, soul, and jazz repertoire; from the smooth and sensitive to the ultra upbeat and everything in between, and I adjust my set list to match the atmosphere you want to create for your event. I perform solo (cello or voice/piano) as well as alongside any number of exceptional musicians, from acoustic duo to soul band to string quartet; whichever works best to bring you the sound that is right for your event.


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I'm a musician whose sonic landscape is a unique blend of influencing elements. I sang from an early age and, keen to play an instrument, began learning the cello at the age of 7. My musical training quickly expanded to include the clarinet and a great deal of choral singing throughout my younger years. I went on to dabble in other instruments including the piano, drums, and saxophone, each of which opened up its own world of sounds and styles. Keen to grow as a musician, I then studied music at Cambridge University. The breadth of my foundational music training both in terms of instrumental skills and in terms of style has served me well in my performing years.


It was evident from the beginning that my love of classical music and my love for performing jazz, soul, and pop music need not be mutually exclusive; once I graduated, I began dividing my time between teaching the cello and performing at events, both of which I've now been doing for around a decade. Additionally, in recent years, I responded to my lifelong fascination with great lyrics and captivating melodies by beginning to explore the art of writing songs myself, which resulted in my first release as a recording artist - my EP ‘Deep Within' - which partners intimate storytelling with a rich, contemporary sound. 



My life and work is varied and people come across me in all sorts of different musical contexts, so whatever it is that you have in mind, please don't hesitate to get in touch - I'm here to help and happy to chat.

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